Grindthieves Podcast NU002 – Tribute to Sirona Recods

For December’s podcast offering The Artbreaker chose to dive backwards a bit. First on our radar in the mid 00s, Sirona Records was and is probably one of the most – if not the most – robust and extensive netlabels to date, with regard to electronic/experimental based music. Boasting over 800 releases at the website’s last update in 2017/2018, it features prominent and up-and-coming names alike in the realms of ambient, noise, drone, minimal, breakcore, junglecore, broken beat, hardcore, and other so-called “difficult listening” styles of music.

Spearheaded by Pollux, an unbelievably prolific producer of ambient, drone, noise, and the like – who seems to have stopped producing I found as I researched things for this post and mix – Sirona stands as a testament to his favor and flavor. Pollux delivered a ton of material in the uber-niche realm of lo-bit music and also released as much, or more, in high quality format too. All the while running the Sirona netlabel that welcomed and released either/or and supported more atypical genres of electronic music from all corners and the producers, established or otherwise, who made it.

For our second podcast offering on the heels of our recent re-re-re?-launch, The Artbreaker took it upon himself to mix and assemble nothing but material from the Sirona Records netlabel. He spiced it up with vocal snippets from some of our greatest scientists, philosophers, and cult leaders. He also threw in some effects samples here and there, as well. Over 100 hours were spent putting this session together. It is a DJ mix. It is, also, a production effort. What you get is a 2+ hour experience.

Several pages of notes were taken down in the process of preparing to put this together and through the whole ordeal until its completion. Taking material from only the first 300 releases on the netlabel, there is sure to be a part 2 and probably a part 3.

We hope that you enjoy it.

The Artbreaker – Grindthieves Podcast NU002
Tribute To Sirona Records
(download | listen)

TRACKLIST (mostly accurate):
Graffiti Mechanism – “Track 01” (Sirona 001)
Oz Alchemist – “Away From The Moon” (Sirona 005)
KargO – “h0ney (featuring Chunky m0nkey)” (Sirona 011)
neuroSampler – “buzzing & scratching time” (Sirona 015)
Skoz – “Flashback” (Sirona 019)
Skoz – “Donnie Darko” (Sirona 024)
Ploof – “Humdrum Conundrum” (Sirona 035)
Postmeshische – “Poezd Tronula Ya Vsled” (Sirona 053)
Pollux – “End Of Day (No Future Version)” (Sirona 060)
Graffiti Mechanism – “Chicken Classics 3” (Sirona 064)
Subterrestrial – “Plasma Weapon” (Sirona 073)
d0x10 – “Rabid Odour” (Sirona 062)
Moonsugar – “Hollow Of Emptiness” (Sirona 096)
Sister Soleil – “The Drugs Won” (Sirona 105)
Ploof – “Past As Future” (Sirona 116)
Sister Soleil – “Bzamab” (Sirona 112)
Electro Plus – “Dark Life (Electro Dark Mix)” (Sirona 135)
Hlo & Pollux – “Damaged Synapse” (Sirona 141)
Iranon – “Arctic Oasis” (Sirona 152)
Autosomal – “The Seed (of Life)” (Sirona 157)
Takadaktek – “R.A.R.E.” (Sirona 158)
Hoodoo Engine – “Hoodoo Luv” (Sirona 167)
Takadatek – “Remote War” (Sirona 186)
V3Rb tH3 N0un – “got 99 hits but this ain’t one” (Sirona 187)
Sister Soleil – “Red” (Sirona 189)
Sasha Darko – “The Roses On The Screen That Showing Images Which Were Unseen” (Sirona 196)
Ars Sonar – “Showdown” (Sirona 203)
Dental Work – “The First Law Of Pocahontas (Volcanic Pangea Cyborg Gangbang)” (Sirona 204)
Michael Carrier – “What’s Up?” (Sirona 214)
xTremLawyer – “Weird Things” (Sirona 219)
Hockobcovelc – “Pre-challenged Pneumatic” (Sirona 222)
Mars Of The Thing – “Mineralnaya voda” (Sirona 225)
Ploof – “Ukabu” (Sirona 228)
Hu Creix – “Artist” (Sirona 229)
Hu Creix – “Serial Birth” (Sirona 240)
Thomas Baragona – “Atmospheric Weight” (Sirona 262)
Playing With Nuns – “1805” (Sirona 274)
Pollux -” Unknown Girl” (Sirona 277)
Alyiann – “Gravity Escalation” (Sirona 278)
Pogohm – “What’s Blood For?” (Sirona 281)

Anil Seth, Osho, Andrew Solomon, Sherwin Nyland, Oliver Sacks

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