the Archangel – “The Storm Adjusts”

Eight months separate each of the last few releases from the Archangel. The double whammy that was February/March 2020 from him was quite a way to set off what has been an awesome 16ish months of material from the producer. That sounds a lot longer between releases than it feels when you are digesting them as they are released. the Archangel, knowingly or not, found himself in a trend of writing concept albums – in terms of (at least my perceived) intent and style and progression. And they are amazing. “The Storm Adjusts” is the producers newest offering. And like the previous few releases, it is an album, an experience, a listen.

Starting as a fan of his ragga jungle mixes, and then productions, back in the late 90s I can tell you there’s no shortage of amazing material to experience. His mixtape catalog alone is legendary. Throw in a couple fistfuls of amazing vinyl releases and about as many digital label releases, you get a lengthy playlist of amazing musicianship that careens into and out of many styles of electronic music. And then this string of self-released material. Uff.

His recent album, “The Storm Adjusts”, spotlights – not unlike anything previous in his catalog – the Archangel‘s songwriting growth, from-the-fringes experimentation, and sonic mastery. This time over 13 tracks totaling over a massive 75 minutes.

For just a little bit past the first half of this new one, the Archangel meanders around in heavily emotional territory across a mixed bag of leftfield breakbeats, head bobbing downtempo, IDM, trance adjacent pitstops, house worshipping experimentation, dub and step winks, and other future-melancholia. Always with a laser eyed focus and attention to detail.

Fans of his ragga jungle and related material might feel let down up until this point, but they should just be sure to make themselves hold on until “Endless Skies” hits for the relevant and just reward, as it is an absolute atmospheric choppage masterpiece. They will have also then, by that point, heard eight other tunes they probably were annoyed or ambivalent about at first, but found themselves quickly drawn entirely into and enjoying. They will be given an additional four tracks afterward that will accurately register their love of music for music’s sake versus love of genre for genre’s sake – so listen and just be real because music like this is nothing if it isn’t real.

the Archangel – “The Storm Adjusts” [download]

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