Virgo – “Summer Jumpers 2021” (Promo Mix)

Longtime jungle/drum’n’bass name in the Twin Cities, Virgo touches down for a summer promo mix full of dubs and bootlegs and recent drops. Titled “Summer Jumpers 2021”, it couldn’t be titled more accurate really. It’s full of contemporary upfront drum’n’bass and modern era jump-up jungle flavored efforts.

In the not so distant past this kind of sound really wasn’t my thing at all. But over the last year and a half, I have found myself checking a lot of various jungle and drum’n’bass live streams and somewhere along the way I found this very particular niche of the current upfront and jump-up and big room d’n’b sound that I really enjoyed. SLP DNB was integral in me getting in touch with it, as was the Champion Sound crew, plus many a west coast streamer I couldn’t begin to recall entirely.

As an institution of sorts, when it comes to the Minneapolis jungle, drum’n’bass, hip hop, reggae, dancehall, etc scene(s), I always look to Virgo mixes to educate and dictate where my attention should reside regarding relating sounds. “Summer Jumpers 2021” is no different.

Full of Virgo originals, some bootlegs and other recent(ish) drops, this mix is very much up front and for the dancefloor massive. With that being the truth, appreciators of heady jungle/drum’n’bass sessions will enjoy this one almost as much as the punters, to be certain.

Tracklist reads like:

Virgo – Gimme Di Weed feat. Jigsy King (Dub)
Twisted Individual – I Am Leg End – Grid Recordings
Prestige – The Wind (Dub)
Blockboy JB / Drake – Look Alive (B-Plexx Bootleg)
Jeopardize – Andross – Low Down Deep
Nick The Lot – Holding Back – Uproar Audio
Posk – Senorita (DRZ Remix) (Dub)
Conrad Subs & Redders – I Got Somethin – Nuusic
Lockerz – Hustle (Dub)
Tomix & Caramel – In the Ropes – Drippy Boii Recordings
Pengo – Blast feat. Magenta – Kingpin Productions
Nick The Lot – Looks Like You (Dub)
Jappa – Back to Basics – BassLayerz Recordings
Harley D – Take Me Higher – Pick N Mix
Nick The Lot & Dunk – Phat Punani – Jungle Cakes
Toby Ross feat. Lockerz – Weed & Wine – Liondub International
TNT – 2 Degrees Remix (Dub)
Gold Dubs – Distress Call – Serial Killaz
XAV – Alien Siren (Dub)
Mozey – Knock Ya Block Off – Souped Up Recordings
Jam Theives – Bizness – Serial Killaz
Nympho – Headhunter – CIA
Prestige – Smashed – Sub-liminal Recordings
Serum – Chop House – Souped Up Recordings
Latte – Bumbohole Boris feat. Irah (Bootleg)
Teej – Question – Nuusic
A-Zone feat. Aphrodite – Calling the People (Bladerunner Remix)
Aries – Rare Grooves (Dub)
Shorty – Discovery (Dub)
Conrad Subs – Little Vibey Thing – Nuusic
Particle – Fall 2 Fast – Drum&Bass Arena
Toby Ross & Oram – Wide Roach – Deep in the Jungle
Burnzy – Drinking – Liondub International
Virgo – Big Bad & Heavy feat. Jigsy King (Burial Bootleg)

Not only is that tracklist a simultaneous trip and word salad, it’s also unbelievable in that every one of those tunes appear in a set that isn’t even an entire hour long.

Full of original and bootleg vocals, traversing the dark techstep corners as well as the spotlit arena mainfloors and all the spaces in between and adjacent to, you’ll be entertained by tunes you definitely haven’t heard with maybe a couple that you maybe might have maybe heard all mixed impeccably well.

Virgo – “Summer Jumpers 2021” (Promo Mix) [download]

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