V/A – “Introduction To Thievery” Release On Cassette!

Grindthieves, International could not be more stoked to announce the release of “Introduction To Thievery” on cassette for the first (and only) time ever! For those who have been around with us since the beginning, or for a while at least, you might recall the release of “Introduction To Thievery” on limited run white label all the way back in 2005.

It was right around this time that a small loose knit group of DJs and producers from all over the Midwest USA were sort of operating under this shared understanding of what gave birth to Grindthieves in the first place. Basically, it was an aim to “steal back the dancefloor” from shitty big room cheesy electronic music of the time. As such, it consisted of people who were into more so-called “intelligent” music of all sorts, especially electronic though, and the darker and harder ends of the spectrum for whatever niche electronic music genre you might want to discuss. But, it must be noted, the love of leftfield breakbeats was probably the real thread between anyone who claimed to represent Grindthieves at the time.

We produced weirdo electronic music, DJ’ed plenty of weirdo electronic music, and managed to put together a few events as a unit and on our own wherever we might have found ourselves over the years. Grindthieves and its hard-to-pinpoint-but-very-specific mindset with regard to electronic music and the scene and its events always in the mix somewhere and somehow.

It was about this time the blog formed and was beginning to take root. At that time it was a Dot Com, where as now it’s a Dot Net, and it featured music reviews, event news, event reports, and more. Always with a focus on what it was that made Grindthieves, Grindthieves. And we always were more likely to champion the underground and free/pay-what-you-want material.

There was some discussion on the original vinyl release in this ghost town of a Discord server we run, which was sort of birthed from a half-baked idea about resurrecting Grindthieves or building on Grindthieves. It served as a distraction, mostly, in the end and here we are today, essentially remembering and rebuilding the beast known as Grindthieves, International.

In honor of the past and in an effort to look toward the future, we decided to get a small run of cassettes with the “Introduction To Thievery” material on it. Those who know The Artbreaker know his longstanding love affair with the cassette tape as a medium. So it was an obvious decision when in a position to make it.

After longtime Grindthieves member CTOPH and longtime Grindthieves support Thatkidmar worked it out to get a clean copy of the original vinyl in hands to pull the audio and remaster it, the design process for the cassette began during which we just waited for magic to be done on a vinyl pull because, of course, over 16 years the original files and drives have disappeared one by one.

The original record has been referred to as a “hidden gem in the breakcore scene” and “slept on classic” and, no, we’re not making that up. Listening to us these 16 years later on this collection, we have to agree. There is absolutely something 100% undeniably important about this collection of music and sound when viewed through the lens we had in 2005.

Grindthieves was a music review blog run by The Artbreaker and a loose-knit community of producers and DJs that was most active in the early/mid 00s. Operating in the realms of leftfield electronic music, with special attention to jungle, breakcore, IDM, and truly leftfield electronics Grindthieves – the blog and its members – were widely and globally respected as appreciators, creators, and disseminators of all things awesome in related realms.

Released in 2005, this record is regarded as a slept on classic and hiden gem in the realms of breakcore and experimental breakbeat based electronic music.

“Introduction To Thievery” consists of 4 tracks from 4 different producers who were associated with Grindthieves at the time, as well some hand selected sample/scratch bits curated by a member of the Grindthieves camp.

Track 1 is from an alias of The Artbreaker and is a sort of remix/rework of a Lord Lloigor track – but is really more of a re-imagining of what could be with the source material reworked in a different fashion than the original.

Track 2 is an 8bit number from Console Enemy composed entirely on a Gameboy and features bitcrushed samples galore that starts off as a nice chiptune headnod number and evolves into a full on 8bit freakout.

Track 3 consists of the first batch of sample and scratch elements on the record, selected by Grindthieves and Bleepcore DJ extraordinaire CTOPH it features a couple of great vocal bits for spicing up any DJ mix as well as some great sounds for getting scratch happy.

Track 4 from Kidtime CD ROM Adventures is another offering of truly forward thinking breakcore that stands the test of time and reminds the listener of what breakcore is really all about.

Track 5 is from Shiny McShine and is some other level and otherworldly breakcore fuckery reminiscent of early Venetian Snares and early Abelcain, yet remains entirely and truly unique and still forward thinking.

The final track from the release is some more hand selected and cut sample/scratch bits from CTOPH and features more great vocal/cinematic bits as well as some great percussive, atmosphere, and noise bits that are perfect for scratching and spicing up DJ sets.

This digital version is the first time this release has been available since it was released 16 years ago. And this is the first time ever it is available digitally.

Originally pressed to a single run of 250 white label vinyl records, some with hand embellishment and most without, this digital version is pulled direct from a pristine vinyl copy with hi-fi audio equipment and painstakingly remastered by CTOPH. It has never sounded better. Not even when it was first released on vinyl.

Discogs entry for the original vinyl release:

Big thanks to thatkidmar for aiding in making this digital re-release happen.”

Of course you don’t just get a cassette. Here’s the breakdown of this collectors edition release:

– Pro-dubbed cassette
– Transparent fluorescent orange shell
– Black screws
– Yellow leads
– White pad print on both sides of shell
– Transparent fluorescent green Norelco case
– Professionally sealed
– Double sided metallic o-card

Also includes:

– 1 limited edition Grindthieves lighter
– 1 Bassface die-cut vinyl sticker
– 1 Grindthieves logo die-cut vinyl sticker
– 1 Bubblyskull metallic die-cut sticker
– 1 Make More Mixtapes die-cut vinyl sticker
– 1 ST Grindthieves logo vinyl sticker
– 1 JDecker transparent kiss-cut vinyl sticker
– 1 double sided insert about the release with signed/numbered note
– 1 additional download code

*program repeats on both sides

Includes unlimited streaming of Introduction To Thievery (THVSLTD001) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. 

If you read or scrolled this far, you’re clearly at least a little interested. So go pick it up on tape or MP3 here:

Various Artists – “Introduction To Thievery” (THVSLTD001 CASSETTE) [buy/download]

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