Grindthieves Podcast NU005 – The Artbreaker – “Adaptation”

The theme and the style of the mix are pretty much what the artwork suggests, with slightly lower doses of the sardonic humor side of it things than the film it gets its inspiration from. But with a lot more murdering… of sound! Some mostly recent-ish tunes in the realms of jungle and future-breaks music aimed at the dancefloor and brainstem in equal portions, I just went in for the mix in places, soft blends in others, but always let the mood take me where it went. I’m not the worlds greatest DJ, but this whole session is full of amazing tunes, interesting to apt to good mixes, spiced up with some samples to round out the them – and you’d be hard pressed to find all this material in one place being championed from one person – other than The Artbreaker. And it’s kept me sane.

Track selection list reads as follows:

Myor – “Ill Behavior 006” – Side A
Antares – “Out Of Aeons”
S.kid – “Hot Stepper”
Tony Jungle – “Ragga Ting”
Duburban Poison – “Against The Wall”
Bman – “Rockit”
Supa Ape – “Send Out One Badman”
Petricore – “Per Dominant!”
Bramston Pickle – “Money ft. Hawkeye”
Regent Cid – “Flea Market”
Simply Dread – “Temptation”
S.kid – “Dreamer ’95”
General Waste – “Jah Is Always Late”
Duburban Poison – “Against The Wall”
Tony Jungle – “Ragga Ting”

Anyone paying attention will see some tracks listed more than once and will hear mixes that don’t entirely mirror the tracklist. There’s some callbacks, some short drops, some replays, some additions, some subtractions, some samples, and some edits. But the tracklist is a kernel and it’s the bulk, all at once, that makes the mix the experience. And I really enjoy the ride, hopefully you will too.

You can stream this mix from our website here, download it here, or stream it at Soundcloud below.

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