Elder Devil – “Fragments Of Hell”

Grind outfit Elder Devil have been around for five years, apparently, and I wish I would’ve stumbled on them five years earlier. If I had, they would have been staples in my listening for the last five years.

They just dropped their new EP this time last month and it is a god damned monster of a release. Entitled “Fragments Of Hell”, the band says this of the release:

“Fragments Of Hell perfectly embodies the anger, hopelessness, and frustration that has defined Elder Devil’s music for the past five years while also standing on its own as a deeply personal album of pain and loss.”

This EP has already been reviewed by several respectable blogs and news sources – receiving rave reviews along the way. In the off chance that you missed it and haven’t heard of this band until now, like myself, I felt I’d be doing this rabid mammoth of a release and all of you a huge disservice if I didn’t mention it.

Elements of crust and dbeat are sprinkled in along with movements pulled straight from progressive metal of (m)any kind(s) and cavernous death metal of the heaviest order. Hardcore punk is clearly at the core of Elder Devil, and I can’t not mention the shades of latter/current era Fuck The Fucks that I hear and feel in this stuff.

It’s a mature and confident sounding grind record, full of emotion and intent without losing the ferocity and rage that often comes with maturing and growing.

Elder Devil – “Fragments Of Hell” [download]

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