Komachi – “Omoide”

Inner Ocean has been involved in the so-called “lofi” scene since 2012. Really since right around when it first gained popularity. Since then they’ve released everything from ambient to bedroom pop, always with an aim on laid back sounds and vibes. They’ve been pumpin’ out the goods in this realm for almost 10 years now and they are one of the labels I look to for new releases, consistency in quality and frequency of output, professionalism all around, and – of course – truly good music.

I really appreciate their DIY and physical format focus and just about everything they have to say about what their aim is in their “about” section of their website.

They started a new single/EP series called “Lofi Snacks”. How friggin’ awesome of a name is that for a single/EP series in the realms of the lofi scene? Seriously.

For the first outing in the series, Inner Ocean welcomes a newcomer to the scene with two tracks of just damn fine, light and airy, nostalgic, feel good, laidback lofi delight. The write-up for the release suggests we might know this producer by a different name in other electronic music scenes but it doesn’t mention who specifically. Those kinds of comments about artists always make me wanna go on a hunt to figure out who they are. That’s for another day, however.

These two tracks from Komachi, one a collaboration with Enoki, are just about the most perfect introduction to or representation of the Inner Ocean label and collective, if you’re not already familiar.

And let’s not go without mentioning that the label’s background image on their Bandcamp page is an illustration of a girl shopping for cassettes, complete with the labels logo strategically placed. Classy.

Enjoy a couple of sweet and happy moments and minutes amidst the chaos and hustle and bustle of daily life. For free or name-your-price digitally.

Komachi – “Omoide” [download]

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