Grindthieves began as a vague and hazy idea in the late 90s. The notion was based on the concept of stealing back the dancefloor from whack music and fake fans. I was heavily in the rave and electronic music scene at the time and fancied myself as something of a good dancer with a particular ear for top shelf music in the realm of rave, club, and electronic music culture. So, when a DJ would play a weak tune and wannabe nobodies were bumping and grinding in front of the speaker stacks, I took personal offense and made it something of a mission to take that space back for true artists-as-dancers and true appreciators of legitimately quality “dance” music. Literal Grind Thieves.

Eventually I started a blog and I started producing electronic music on my own. By the time either of these things happened, I had discovered ruffneck jungle and hardcore and breakcore and IDM and all the sounds that were still suited for the dancefloor, but which seemed to thin out the crowd on it some. Thus, a lot of my reviews were for music I eventually deemed “difficult listening”, with specific regard to white bread middle of the road casual fans. And my own music output followed suit. I spearheaded some events along the way, enjoyed the company of a few part time staff writers for the blog, put out a few records, and kind of put my stamp on specific things. And, for some reason, garnered a fair amount of respect for my work doing so. The original iteration of the Grindthieves blog and eventual “movement” was during the aughts.

Prior to, and since – with a decent amount of time and effort during all of the above which is worth at least acknowledging – I was heavily active in the metal/etc scene as a fan and visual artist. And the same can be said for the hip hop scene. I have never let a genre or so-called “scene” define who I am, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have specific eras of life in relation the music most heavily on rotation at the time. As such, I have a reasonably deep well of music knowledge to dip a bucket in for just about any genre, scene, artist, etc conversation I’ve found myself in. Additionally, I am a rabid and voracious listener of new music. On rare occasions I take a night off and listen to classics and things that have found themselves in heavy rotation over the years. But, mostly, I am listening to new or new-to-me music. And, mostly, I am always listening to music.

Grindthieves is back. We are coming with new reviews and coverage of all types of art, with specific and heavy focus on music. We will be working to archive previous reviews, posts, podcasts, and releases along the way.

Welcome back. Pull up a chair, crack a cold one, light one up, whatever it is you do. Let’s get back to business, shall we?